Summer Office Hours

I was asked today why we are only in-office one day a week during the summer, and I thought some of you might be wondering the same thing: It costs more than $100 PER DAY to run the air conditioner just downstairs at the school. This past billing cycle, we were there 3 days (Wednesdays minus 4th of July week) and 4 half days for Sunday morning church. The power bill was $958.81.

We don’t receive regular income June, July & August so we do what we can to save money and one of those ways is to work from home.  This also allows us to offer 3 full time & 2 part time office staff while still keeping tuition low.

While we may not be available for walk-ins except on Wednesdays (10:30a to 4p), we are available via Chat on our website, Phone at (205) 664-2232, FB Messenger at, Email and Fax via (205) 663-0287 the rest of the week (we do take off weekends and holidays) 🙂

We look forward to serving you and a wonderful new school year!

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