Canceled: 2021 Class Christmas Party

CLASS of 2021: Hey guys, this year we seem to not have a lot of participation. We had to cancel October’s get together and only had 2 at November’s get together. We need some information and help please. We understand that there are many sports, clubs, jobs, and other activities that take up your time. Please let us know if it is the activities, the times, the day or just no desire to be a part. We really want to make the Class of 2021 get togethers a great time for everyone to know their fellow classmates and give everyone an opportunity to have some fun!

We welcome any feedback and it will be passed along to the officers so they can plan accordingly.

Thank you

Christy Plott

P.S. As of now, our Christmas Party tomorrow night will be rescheduled so more than 3 can come. Please let us know which day and time works for you so we can reschedule for next week.

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