Happy Tuesday?! Please read?, so as to alleviate potential frustration? this week (and beyond). ??

  1. We received a new modem from AT&T & I’ll be installing it today. I will go in early to do this but depending on how long it takes ⏰to get set back up, email answers may be delayed. The phones☎️ will be down during the setup since they are internet based. I promise to make it as quick ⏳as possible and not dilly dally????.
  2. Office hours are Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from ?10:30a to ? 4p. I’ve had several emails from people saying they are at the school ? & no one is there or they are calling and no one is answering outside of these days/hours ?‍♀️. These have been our in-office hours for several years☀️☔❄? now. They are published on our website ?, Google page?, and are on the answering machine? when you call. Outside of office hours, I am available to answer questions on ?Facebook messenger and via email? most Sundays after church? or on Mondays. This past weekend I was a bit under the weather??, so I didn’t work but I will get caught up today.
  3. Please give us a few weeks? to sort/post grades before asking if we have received them. If you’ve already sent an email, I’ll flag it ?and then respond as we post them. Please be patient and don’t send multiple emails ♻️ asking the same thing. ?? I will respond when we get to yours.?‍?

I hope you have a wonderful week!?? We will be in the office at 10:30 this morning if you need us! Please pray ?the modem setup goes smoothly!

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