Senior Class Activities: Updated

Our March meeting will be next Thursday, March 5 at 1:00pm. We will have a serve day at HCS where we will be helping clean inside and/or do some landscaping outside such as: pulling weeds, outside clean up, etc. If we have enough people, we will divvy up into two groups. One group to go outside and another group to stay inside and clean. If you plan on participating, I recommend you bring a pair cleaning gloves or gardening gloves. Back in November, we had a good turnout of seniors and parents that helped clean the building and the Atchisons and Ms. Dawn really appreciated it! I believe this is a great way for the students to give back to the school!

*Powderpuff registration is due no later than March 15.*

Here is the rest of our Senior activities for the rest of the semester: *UPDATED*

March 5th-1:00pm- HCS Serve Project TBA

March 28th-6:00pm-*Tentative Grand River Drive-In Leeds, TBA*

April 2nd-1:30pm- Please bring a graduation cap to HCS for pics and decorating. We will be doing a cap toss! You can purchase one from Amazon for under $15. Bring supplies for decorating cap.

May 8th-1:00pm- Spring Fling at Buck Creek and Powderpuff: Photo booth, food trucks, games. *This is tentative based on enough participation.

May 20th-9:00am- Senior Breakfast at Cracker Barrel Pelham.

Please reply to this email if you plan to come to the serve day!


Melia Roberts, Class Sponsor

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