Staff Covid Updates

Saturday, 9/4 Update:  
Wayne has a long recovery road but he looked 100x better yesterday evening than when he came home on Wednesday. He has lost so much weight, he is very weak.
We got him set up with a ‘recovery’ room at home where he has everything close by and doesn’t have to walk far. He is still on oxygen but working to reduce the amount every day. It’s probably going to take a few weeks before he can walk unassisted and it not take a lot out of him to go 10 feet. But he is home and alive. 🥰❤🙏 Please continue to pray for both Connie & Wayne. She is still recovering but doing well.  
Jim is still at Grandview but his nurse said there has been a lot of improvement the last 2 days and they are weaning his oxygen down a little more each day. We hope he will be able to come home by early next week.  
Depending on what day Jim is released from the hospital will depend on whether I will physically be in the office on Wednesday. Originally, this was my vacation week, so we had planned to be closed. However, if I’m not needed to assist with Jim, I plan on being at the school 9/8. I’ll update on announcements, pop-ups on the website & the web calendar as we get a little closer.   
I am available by chat and email pretty much anytime. Phone is a little more difficult, depending on what is going on, but leave a message and I’ll call back if I miss your call.   
I do plan on working through the weekend, so hopefully I’ll be caught up on everything by the time Jim is discharged from the hospital.   
In the meantime, if I’ve missed something urgent or you need anything, please let me know. Thank you for all the prayers, patience, love and support through all of this! We are praying for you and your family daily as well! 🥰🥰  
Wednesday Update:   Wayne is coming home!! They picked up a few minutes ago and he is on his way! 💥🥳 He will be on oxygen for awhile and need to use a walker for support but PTL, he is going home.   
Connie and I are doing ok. I am a bit worn out from working today but overall, feel good.   
Jim is still in the hospital and will likely be for several more days, if not a week. He did make progress yesterday evening and today, so that is a praise.   
Thank you all for your prayers. They brought a miracle about! ❤❤ 

Sunday Morning, 8/29 Update:
I’m sorry I didn’t really post or answer calls/texts yesterday. I was so tired and drained, I just needed to put the phone away and try to rest. My lungs hurt yesterday too, so I really needed the break. The pneumonia is still there, so I’m still trying to be careful how much I do.
I’m still tired this morning but I feel better emotionally and my chest isn’t as tight feeling.

Wayne had a really good day yesterday, his sats hitting 95/96 but he is still on a lot of oxygen to achieve those numbers. Still a victory since he was only able to maintain high 80s on the same flow. He is getting better/stronger each day but no word on when he will be well enough to come home, so there is still a long road ahead.

Jim’s condition hasn’t changed much, sats are still in the 91/92 range on 10L of oxygen. They aren’t giving us any sort of timeline for coming home.

Connie is doing good now, she is just tired and every day tasks wear her out. She misses Wayne a lot too.

Unless this hurricane prevents it, I plan on being in the office on 9/1 from 10:30a to 2p and will hold a new family orientation at 11am. It will also be live-streamed on zoom.  I should also have all record transfers and paperwork finished by the end of next week.

Thank you for the continued prayers! Sending love and hugs. 🥰❤️

Friday, 8/27 Update:
There’s not much to report this morning. Both Jim and Wayne are on the same floor, with the same nurse, so I’ll be able to get updates on them at the same time.
Wayne said he had a good night last night and Connie said she even wanted some coffee this morning, so both very good signs!
Jim said his night was a bit of come and go but they are keeping him comfortable. He needed potassium and fluids yesterday when they got him to the hospital & they gave him a steroid shot.
I definitely overdid it the last couple of days and I’m tired. I was able to get most emails/requests taken care of that were needing to be done yesterday evening, so I’m going to rest today. But I plan on checking email again tomorrow and getting some things finished up then. I do plan on being back in the office on 9/1 but don’t expect Wayne & Connie back for at least a few more weeks.
Your continued prayers, love and support are what is keeping us going. Thank you! We love you all dearly.🥰

Thursday Update, 8/26:
We have a lot of Hope families with Covid, some are also hospitalized. Please be praying for them all.

This will be a short one, as I’m pretty exhausted. After a day of trying to keep Jim’s sats up and get a (failed) appointment at Main Street, Jim is being admitted to Grandview. Rescue came and got him a few hours ago. I’m waiting to talk to his nurse to see what is what.

Wayne had a really rough night last night, so the beginning to his day was pretty harsh. Just before bed he said he is feeling better and stronger, so we are praying for a great night for him. He still has a ways to go but the doctors are pleased with his progress.

I saw Connie for a bit today and she is doing much much better too. Sats are staying up and she said each day she feels a little better.

I’m just really tired and trying to keep the pneumonia at bay. My energy is back for the most part though, now we just need to get everyone home and well.

Please just keep praying. This is isn’t over yet.
Love and hugs!

Wednesday Morning 8/25 Update:
They are moving Wayne out of ICU today, to a regular room, and he is no longer on the high flow O2, so those two things are a HUGE praise! It’s not over yet but Prayer Works and he is improving!!
Connie is feeling better this morning. Sats are still around 93 w/out oxygen supplementation but she does feel better, so that is also a praise!
Out of necessity yesterday, I did overdo it a little bit, but still feel ok this morning. I’m tired and my chest is a bit tight when I breathe deep but my sats are still good at 96.
Jim had a rough night and has a bad headache this morning. He is on day 8, which seems to be one of the worst. Pray he gets through today. The coughing is pretty bad for him right now.
Dan is doing ok, still has the headache, but overall doing well.
Will update again soon. Thank you all! 💖

Tuesday Update #2:  Connie got a steroid shot and I took her home. Shelby had her in and out pretty quickly, which I was grateful for. She is home resting now. She she be doing much better by tomorrow but she has plenty of oxygen, if she needs it.  

Wayne has 2 small clots in his lungs and one behind his right knee. He is on low dose heparin for them but is already feeling and breathing better today.  

Shelby released Jim without issue. Cat scan and lungs look good, blood work came back good too. Doc said everything is ok, he just needs to rest and hydrate. He’s resting now too.

Dan still has a headache and feels a bit run down but overall, doing fine.

I’m pretty exhausted from the day so far but feel ok. Napping soon.  🥰

Tuesday, 8/24 Update:
I (Dawn) received a phone call from Jim at 6am, needing to go to the ER. Heart racing & erratic for several hours, plus low sats. I took him to Shelby and they are likely going to admit him. In between dropping him off and waiting, I picked up Connie and brought her to Shelby ER as well to get a dexamethasone shot. She is back home resting now and I’m resting in the hospital parking lot, waiting on Jim. Please pray for both.
Wayne did have some small, spread out blood clots in his legs, so they started a low dose of heparin. Pray dissolving of the clots will help with his O2 levels and they can continue to step down his oxygen so he can come home soon. Prayers are still very much needed.
I’m doing ok but feel a bit flushed with all the excitement this morning. Sats aren’t great right now but I’m doing some breathing exercises and being still for now. Please pray the pneumonia clears up quickly. I think most of my covid symptoms are winding down, it’s just the pneumonia that is giving me curve.
Dan is tired but got his antibodies last night. Please pray he recovers quickly now.
I’ll try update again later today. Thank you all! ❤️❤️

Monday, 8/23 Update:
My son, Brandon, dropped of a tank with oxygen yesterday to help with the pneumonia and sat levels, should I need it. I slept very well and woke up feeling pretty good but I have to be careful not to overdo it and collapse a lung. Breathing has improved and my sats were at 96, with no fever overnight. Holding at 95/96 with no supplemental oxygen.

Mom is doing much better today. She said she slept really good and her breathing is good. Sats 93-94 without O2. Her taste is coming back and she is eating better. No fevers.

Dad is doing better today as well. His O2 is down to 80% and he said he slept well and was feeling stronger. They are going to do a cat scan to check for clots in legs today, as a precaution.

Dan is still doing well, very mild symptoms like a head cold. He will go in for Monoclonal Antibodies infusion later today.

Again, thank you for your patience, love and support!

Sunday Update: I’m sorry I’m just now able to update. It’s been a rough 2 days.

Wayne has had a little set back and his O2 is back up to 90%. They also had to put in an IV line for his meds and his nostrils are inflamed and hurting from the cannula. He is feeling pretty discouraged today, so please pray for his spirits to be lifted and improvement very soon.

Connie’s sats are holding at around 94 and she said she is starting to feel a little better. Please continue to pray she moves in the right direction.

I (Dawn) went to the doctor today and have a pretty serious case of pneumonia on top of the covid. Jim has the same thing as well. We received 2 pretty stout shots and 4 prescriptions sent home. It was a long 7 hours but I’m medicated and resting at home now. The doc says if I want to stay out of the hospital, I must rest for the next week. I promised him I would.

Dan is doing ok, has a headache but no other symptoms. Please pray he only gets better and quickly.

Thank you all again for your prayers and love!

Friday Update: Talked to Wayne’s nurse earlier today. They’re super busy and full now, so he got a bed at the right time.
The lung damage isn’t bad. She said that there may be some long term effects but nothing that is really going to affect quality of life. He won’t be able to run a marathon but who wants to do that anyway? 😂
She said he is doing better today than yesterday, he is down to 40% O2 on high flow of 7L and his sats are still looking good. She was pleased with his progress.
Connie’s SATs are at 91 without oxygen and around 94 with it. The 2 tanks were ones I had filled for Nacho and she’s already used one. Pray that the antibodies treatment kicks in today and she doesn’t need the oxygen much longer. She did say she is feeling a little better but sore from yesterday and she was able to sit outside and soak up some sun.
I’m not doing great today. My fever came back pretty hard yesterday evening, so I went to sleep early. It broke around 1am but I can’t take full breaths without coughing so hard I can barely breathe. I did use some RC Essential Oil on my chest and a bronchial inhaler, which seems to be helping some. I’m also EXTREMELY tired. Just getting the dog’s food took 45 minutes and I had to lay down in the kitchen 3 times. However, my SATs are still holding between 94 and 99, mostly on the upper end.
My brother, Dan, who has been helping us with hospital and home checks tested positive this morning. Please be praying for him too.
Thank you again for all your prayers! The Lord is seeing us through this, it’s not forever. 😊

Thursday Update: Wayne is still in the ICU and on 100% high flow Oxygen but is looking good this morning. Sats are at 98 now but have fluctuated a couple times upwards, which they were pleased with. The lung specialist didn’t leave specific notes, so the nurse said no special instructions needed, which was good. He had some coffee and breakfast this morning and has been diligent with his lung exercises. 👍 All great news.
Connie took a downturn overnight and hasn’t improved, so my brother took her to the ER about an hour ago to hopefully get a monoclonal antibodies treatment done. Please be praying they allow her to have it. We are trying to keep her out of the hospital as well.
I had a really rough day yesterday but feel a tad better today. The chest congestion is hard and it hurts when I cough. I get winded and nauseated really, really easily too, so I have to do everything very slowly and can’t do a lot at once.
Please keep praying, especially for Wayne and Connie. Thank you! 🥰

Wednesday Update: I am experiencing some nausea today and have started coughing with some congestion but I’m resting & taking my meds.
Connie is improving but very fatigued and weak. Her sats look good and she is resting at home.
Wayne was moved to ICU late this morning. They have him on 100% high flow O2 and his SATs are rising since being out in it. He was at 96 when I got off the phone with his nurse. She was very pleased with that number.
He will see a lung specialist today, so I’ll call back and get an update after that. She said I’m welcome to call and check in several times per shift but that no news from her is good news.
Overall, she was very encouraging but did say he needs some extra support to get over this hump. He is in good spirits, said he isn’t having trouble breathing now, and he isn’t in any pain. He said they are taking great care of him.
His doctor is wonderful and is a Believer, so he is in great hands.
Please continue to pray as we recover and remember to keep the other Hope Families going through the same sickness in your prayers!
We love you and are Blessed by you! 🥰

Tuesday Update: Wayne has been admitted to Grandview Hospital and has possible pneumonia in one lung. Connie is improving but still very sick. I’ve been running a fever a good bit, with a high of 102.5, so I’m battling headaches and feeling like a truck ran over me. I am trying to work a couple of hours each day but it wears me out, so please be patient with me, if you need things done. I’m getting better and hope to be able to get everyone’s needs met before the end of this week. Thank you for your prayers!! Dawn

Hope Families,
Many of you know Wayne and Connie were unable to come to a couple of the Hope Days this past week due to sickness. Fortunately, they stayed home when symptoms appeared, so risk of transmission was low to non-existent (CDC quietly stated that asymptomatic transmission was not a thing in January of 2021).
The symptoms were not typical Covid-19 symptoms but more in line with a head cold or flu. However, on Saturday, Wayne went to the doctor and was tested. The results were positive. I (Dawn) began running a fever and having the same symptoms over the weekend, and tested positive today (Sunday).
We will be moving the New Family Orientation to 9/1 (at 11am), to be sure we have given it a full 14 days. New families that applied earlier this week may be waiting on welcome emails. As soon as I’m able to sit up for extended periods, I will get those out to them.
We will definitely be closed on Wednesday, 8/18 and possibly 8/25, depending on how long symptoms remain. I’ll post updates on the app, website pop-ups and News.
Please continue to pray for us, as well as many other families that did not attend Hope Days due to sickness as well.
Thank you! Dawn

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