NEW! Elementary Classes for 22/23

We are excited to announce that there will be new classes offered for 1st – 5th grade HCS Students the 22/23 school year!

The following supplemental classes will be offered through STRIVE Co-op on Wednesdays:~ Language Arts~ Math~ History & Geography~ Science~ Sign Language~ Music

Mrs. Allen will be offering a 1st – 5th grade Home Ec/Life Skills/Fun projects class on Thursdays, as well as her 7th – 12th grade Home Economics credited class.

Mrs. Del Castillo will be offering elementary age level Spanish Classes during the summer, as well as during the school year. For the summer months, they are being held at Riverchase Methodist Church/CDA Ministries. We are working on setting up on-campus classes for next school year, in addition to the classes offered at RMC/CDA.

We are so excited to add these classes to our calendar for next year. Stay tuned for complete details!

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