Athletics & PE

HCS offers the following athletic/PE activities:
~ Fellowship of Christian Students (formerly Athletes)
~ Bowling Club – all grade levels
~ Archery – 4th – 12th grade
~ Outdoors/Camping Club – all grade levels
~ Tennis Team & Lessons – all grade levels

The following team sports are not directly affiliated with Hope Christian School but are coordinated and/or coached by Hope Enrolled Parents.  A short description of the organization is below, if provided by the coordinator:

Coordinators & Coach – Clay & Aimee Wingard
HC Angels was born out of a deep desire to provide an environment for homeschool students to compete in a competitive sports program in a positive environment.  We are open to homeschoolers in good standing, regardless of cover.  We play competitive high school baseball.  Through this, we seek to glorify Christ in all that we do and set an example of following and serving Him both on and off the field of play.  Currently, we offer both JV and Varsity Baseball.  We are a competitive team seeking to do our best in all areas of life, not just sports. We are proud to announce that we are the 2019 Division 4 NACA National Champions.  For more information, please contact us.  We would love to speak with you.

Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Cheerleading
Coordinators & Coach – Matt & Michele Davis
Trinity Christian Athletics is a new sports co-op, taking up the mantle for Hope Christian in Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Cheerleading.  We have worked with Connie, Wayne and Dawn to continue to have God-honoring sports available for Hope families. Matt and I have been with Hope Christian School for 17 years, and graduated two of our eleven children from Hope. Matt has been a part of the football program since 2009 and became head coach in 2018. Sports are very important to our family, but so is the way we have chosen to educate our children. We felt it was very important not to compromise on that choice at all. Trinity Christian has allowed us to open up our sports teams to other families that feel the same way, while still providing opportunities to Hope families. Please contact use for more information!

Coordinator & Coach – Lauren Walker
Our goals at HCA is number one, build Godly character; number two, teach your children softball. Neither of these two things are simple task. They require patience, dedication and commitment on our part as coaches. We expect the same in return from players.
We want our players to thrive and grow as a player as well as a person. As Coaches we want to impact your child in such a way that will not just help them succeed on the field but to succeed in life. We want to leave a life long impression and teach character that they carry with them through life.

Coordinator & Director: Mike McGee