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Re-Registration Enrollment Agreement


Section 1: Registration & Tuition Payments: 

  1. Your non-refundable registration payment and draft information is due on receipt of this application. Your application will not be processed without payment and draft information. The amount due follows the schedule below. 

    $40 - On or before June 9th.
    $55 - After June 10th & before July 31st.
    $85 - After August 1st. 

    As a condition of enrollment or re-enrollment, any past due or unpaid tuition payments or registration fees from the previous school year will be due immediately upon receipt of this application.
  2. The $45 monthly draft will start on September 1st, unless another date is requested and will run for 9 months, for a total of $405 per year. If you prefer not to be on a monthly draft you must pay the year in full by September 1st. Draft declines must be rectified no more than 14 days after the bill date unless special arrangements are made. 

    Four consecutive draft declines in one school year will result in the remaining balance due immediately for the school year. Hope Christian School reserves the right to refuse re-enrollment for the next school year or may require full payment at the beginning of the year without the option of a monthly draft.
  3. Accounts past due more than 60 days but less than 90 days will be put on a 30 day probation period. The probation period stipulates that the account be made current before it is 90 days past due and the student(s) associated with the account will not be allowed to participate in activities offered by Hope Christian School (e.g., sports) until the account is settled. 

    Accounts past due more than 90 days are in violation of the probation period. Following a reasonable attempt at contacting the person(s) financially responsible for the account via email or phone, one final attempt will be made via certified letter stating the amount owed and a deadline to bring the account current. 

    If the deadline is not met, the account will be closed, forwarded to collections if the account is not settled, and dismissed from Hope Christian School without the option of returning in the future.
  4. The tuition fee is an annual fee and full payment is due regardless of enrollment date. If a family withdraws prior to August 15th of the current school year, they will be released from the contract. Should a family withdraw after August 15th of the current school year, the full tuition fee will be due upon withdrawal.
  5. Any past due amount with Hope Christian School will be due immediately upon withdrawal. If we do not receive payment and we are unable to contact you, we reserve the right to turn your account over to our collections service.

Section 2: Post-Enrollment Responsibilities: 

  1. Upon application approval, attend an Orientation Clinic and/or view a video and/or be personally interviewed by the Administrator or School Representative (interviews requested at the discretion of the Administrator or the Superintendent).
  2. Provide an organized course of study, using curriculum of their choice. Approval of the Church School Administrator or School Curriculum Advisor is necessary only if the curriculum is not on the Curriculum Provider List enclosed in your Application Packet.
  3. Maintain records of attendance, reporting days present and days absent to the Administrator on a copy of the Report Card. Keep a file of Original Report Card and school related Newsletters and information for future reference. Copies of the Report Card will be submitted to the Administrator according to the Calendar of Events published each school year.
  4. Maintain a journal of instruction or lesson plan book to be reviewed and checked at required Parent/Faculty Meetings. Journal or plan book evaluations may also be requested periodically.
  5. Fulfill the days required in the school term (175 days) set by the Church School.
  6. Instruct their children in the basic courses of academic study including, but not limited to: Bible, reading, spelling, writing, arithmetic, English, geography, science, health, physical education, and U.S. and Alabama History.
  7. Any overt misconduct can result in dismissal from the Church School.

Section 3: Release of liability & Agreement: 

  1. HOPE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, Hope Church and/or Elders including but not limited to the Administrator, Superintendent and/or HCS personnel ("HCS" to encompass all of the aforementioned), is in NO way financially responsible for legal action that may be taken against the family NOR is HCS responsible for any physical conditions or accidents that may occur while on school property or during any school sponsored activities or functions.
  2. The undersigned parents or guardians, with the intention of binding themselves, their heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns and, as well, with the intention of binding the minor children of the undersigned, and I the undersigned' capacity as individuals, husband and wife, and as the parents and natural and/or legal guardians of said minor children, do hereby expressly release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless Hope Church, Hope Christian School, Living Hope Baptist Church, Daniel Wayne Atchison and Connie Lee Walker Atchison, and their heirs, assigns, successors, employees, agents, representatives, officers, directors, and any and all persons acting for them or on their behalf, from and all liability, claims, demands, actions, judgements and executions which the undersigned parties ever had, or now have or may have, or which the undersigned' heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns may have, or claim to have, against the said Hope Church, Hope Christian School, Living Hope Baptist Church, Daniel Wayne Atchison and Connie Lee Walker Atchison and their heirs, assigns, successors, employees, agents, representatives and officers, jointly and severally, created by or arising out of the enrollment or attendance in Hope Church and Hope Christian School or participation in any of its activities by said adults and/or minor children and any and all instruction provided or not provided to said undersigned and/or children of the undersigned. 

  3. I have read the Hope Church & Christian School's Policies, Procedures & Standards Handbook and understand that I, and all students that I have enrolled with HCS, will be held accountable for its content.
  4. I have read the above enrollment contract and am in agreement and understand that this is a legal binding contract between myself, my spouse, and Hope Christian School. 

Not valid until and unless signed by both parties

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